Grade 2 & 1 | NZ National Pipe Band Contest | 2021 (2023)


Grade 2 Order of Play:
Scottish Society of New Zealand PB
Celtic Pipe Band (Nelson)
Wellington Red Hackle PB
Hamilton Caledonian
St Andrew's College

Grade 1 Order of Play:
Auckland & District Pipe Band
New Zealand Police Pipe Band
ILT City of Invercargill HPB
Canterbury Caledonian Society Pipe Band
Manawatu Scottish

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Do we know a country where the food offering spans from pick your own to picking it up from a roadside stall or farmers market they're, taking your pick from restaurant menus that are as good as anywhere in the world, and so is the wine.

But this country is not too far away at all.

And yes, you are very very welcome to travel here.

This country is food and wine country, but you probably know it as hawke's bay.

It helped me develop from high school to that transition to the workforce and gave me the tools and knowledge that I needed to get kyota.

Welcome back.

New zealand, national champion pipeline championships.

2021 just been for a little walk around the park everyone's in good spirits.

Things are moving along nice and quickly.

We are into the grade two misa in medley very exciting lunch time here, the judges are just about to get a little bite to eat dropped off before.

The first band comes in.

I've got a couple couple of judges.

Kicking about the tent actually phil's back phil's got a couple cup of tea.

I think you fell.

You warming up.

No no, I may have snuck to the car to get some woolen items to put on.

I need to toughen up.

So hopefully you've found the new link.

Okay, you're all here.

Thanks again, to our international audience, joining us from all around the world, germany, canada, the states uk, costa rica, hopefully you're enjoying the stream.

So this is the thunderbird of the weekend.

Five, great, two bands.

Five grade, one, not too many, not too few just right, that's, right and it's funny.

Because I I don't know, correct me if I'm wrong.

The number of bands in grade 2 has grown.

I remember not that long ago.

There were two bands in grade two.

So hopefully that's a well, it's a good thing.

I think because it spans coming up, but the standard is rising because the number of grade one bands is also strong so it's, my take on things, absolutely.

And here we've got a band coming up to play soon scottish society.

This was a band, almost almost dead it's revived in the last 10 years.

Now they've got two bands and they're in good heart.

They're only recently up to grade two last few years, but um, but uh, they're going to be good and we're getting a taste of it.

Now point made to nick eagle become sergeant mark weir.

Their medley is the master blasters, the jig of slurs, the magpie, the water is wide caledonian society of london, lazy, mackenzie of gerlock, the big picnic and bessie mcintyre some favorites, looking forward to this looking forward to this opener is going to play enjoy soon.

We will know whether it is set one or two this man for anyone that doesn't know is a christchurch-based band.

Sorry, guys a situation wrong.

There they're, not quite playing their medley yet, they're playing the msr and they're going to play hugh kennedy, athel, cummers and mrs mcpherson enjoy so do.

So so so so do do fantastic it's got a scottish society of new zealand taking off grade two with the msr phil's scribbled, a couple of notes down.

What are your thoughts? I just thought that was fantastic.

Um there's an example of a band who's got heaps of experience.

You know, uh, nick, eagle.

Mark weir, cameron love on the bass drum.

Top players done the business before and grade one bands know what's required.

But then you got surrounded by the younger players and it's just just terrific.

I I've note, uh in the in the drumming rank because rebecca weir who's, I think the current new zealand solo, drumming champion so she's playing in the band.

Mark's daughter, we'll, see her again, I think probably this afternoon in the grade one as well, the manatee scottish, uh.

So that was a very solid performance.

Uh, really, nice playing.

Nothing really to say let the judges do their job.

But they were good it's.

Cool to see glenn buchanan, sometimes known as fridge playing as well, played alongside mark in the city of wellington.

Some time ago, he's based up in nelson it's, always good to see glenn friendly, flat, friendly face, that's, right, yeah, he's a nice guy.

And we have another pipe then dog, I'm gonna call him george it's.

Uh, what sort of dog is that a foxy is it a mongol it's got a short tail, aren't all pipe bends, players, bungles some more than others couldn't possibly comment, oh, that's.

Nice that looks like some.

Oh that could just kept the dog.

Cool that's, not a mongol that's, a very pretty dog that is a pretty dog I'm going to call.

I think it's a him I'm going to call him squire what's.

The bib thing that's, a harness, oh that's, nice that looks like nath who we spoke to yesterday, it's, probably not but phil's, not a phil's, not a dog person I'm, not a cat person here.

So don't don't think I'm gonna talk about how great cats are either.

Imagine if someone brought a cat to a pipeline competition.

Now that that'd be interesting.

Well, I don't know what to say go on live.

You bring a cattle on next time.

There's some bad supporters there, bryce, gilchrist and family sitting down, uh, he's.

The main man behind celtic pipe band.

I saw val mchale sitting in the stands as well.

Um, mother of stewart mchale board member and minimum two base drummer and run major and len mikhail who has, uh, I don't think he was actually leading turtle to do a pipe band.

But he he is down as a fight major because stu now is one of the three board members on the association.

Yeah, someone told him a lie, and he got sucked into that, but he's, um, it's, good actually young younger place on the board alongside anne blackley.

He must have got old alice if he's too young he's a couple of years older than me.

But it is good to see he's, pretty keen he's got some really good ideas.

Push the envelope a little bit.

So it's, good to have still on the board.

Speaking of celtic, we mentioned bryce, gilchrist, county, quite banner, up next playing the msr in the grade 2 competition.

The msr is drawn on the line.

So they come up draw it on the line and then proceed to play.

So I reckon I reckon every band in this grade thinks I've got a chance of winning this, um and uh in previous years.

Uh, the city of invercargill has been in this grade and have tended to win it.

Yep last year they were upgraded.

Um now things got a bit more open.

Things are definitely interesting.

So the band's lead by calum gilchrist, which I'm sergeant curt, james just wait and see what set they draw championships.

So the band has drawn set number two pipe, major, j, mcwilliams, the isle of ball and john morrison, if ascent house enjoy the msr performance, so celtic pipe, band, wow, no.

That was that was outstanding.

It was great man.

They played a lot like big, big tunes big, a lot of technique.

A lot of bottom hand technique in the piper.

Terrific really really showing out.

I felt relaxed felt it felt really musical relaxed, there's, no sense of trouble.

There we're just beautiful and tiffany in the middle there doing her thing.

I I have to terrific.

I did enjoy the bass section.

It just was.

It was complimentary to what they were doing.

Um, they could do with a little bit.

They had a couple more snares.

I think just from a balance and a volume perspective, but it was tidy.

It was, you should be happy with that performance.

The stairs have really improved in the last couple years, it's, a real major jump up from a couple years ago, and I think that's, but then I'm, not making any predictions.

We might make some now in your head, and then they might change.

But now we're done cut it quite bad.

It's pretty clear.

This is going to be a tough grade in terms of the gap between audit, not forget, but the the jump from from grade three to grade two.

It feels like it's is that there's an obvious difference between the two grades would that be a fair call we'll see how the next three go from there that's true, but uh, but on the on the strength of the first two, absolutely quite a major jump.

Yeah, yeah.

I I don't.

I didn't, hear any grade.

Three bands, I'm, not then sold any of them.

But just because that was so good the last two events or so that I can't see anything probably more a comment on the quality of grade two and so that's.

Great, yeah.

And uh, we've got can we call him yesterday.

Scotty did we call him scotty it's quite flash isn't it with the collar on it.

If that tartan matches the band that it's supporting I'll be very impressed that looks like someone's, surrogate child to me dog, owners, don't treat their dogs like children.

No they're much better than their children, especially that dog, that's great to see so grade.


The bands are a little bit spread out.

We've got a little bit of a gap between them, which is quite nice.

We can have a bit of a chat and um, we've got wellington red, hackle.

Next band up feels bad, really, yeah.

I guess man they're up against it here.

But I hope they go.

Well, I'm sure they will big shout out to our international audience that are tuning in on on youtube it's great to have you.

I've got a few hundred people watching it's great to get your comments as well.

If you're if you're listening in and you're making a comment you're allowed to make predictions one of them.


So here we've got the wellington red, heckle pipe, major, david welsh, drug, sergeant, chris berry and they're going to draw their msr on the line.

21 is the wellington red hat, welsh, um, draw on the line, which six populations.

They are going to play.

They've set drawn.

They've drawn set number one, which is the clan mcrae society, dora mcleod and major manson enjoy wellington, red, hackle, pipeland.

So do do so do so so so wellington, red, heckle playing the msr phil's probably got some comments on that performance.

Well, this is where it's good not to be a judge because because I was in this band and uh, you know, I know this tune.

And I know these plays.

I heard this band a couple of weeks ago, it's, a major step up from a couple weeks ago.

I thought that was terrific really good.

Nice, bright pipe.

Sound solid bottom hand.

The drums the sides were really tight, really lifting that music, beautiful ensemble.

I thought that was terrific.

It might have had, you know, there might have been some top hand things towards the end and the pipes.

But man that was nice again, very relaxing.

It did feel comfortable.

And I really enjoyed the drumming being led by trina berry, there, um katrina's been a solid player for some time leading and and it's just really really nice to see the confidence that seemed to be coming out of that core.

They've got new I'm, pretty sure they've got new side settings inside.

And I think they're an improvement.

Yeah, it just they just felt comfy confident.

They just it just looked like.

They were enjoying it, which is really really neat to see.

They can be happy with that.

Funny fear is that I might never be able to get back into the band.

When I listen to that, I think that band doesn't need me.

One of the things that the hacker's always seen from the outside is it's just got a really good, um, really, good culture.

I mean, most the bands do, but the hat has always been.

They seem to encourage me if I'm wrong here phil, but it's it's been about having fun and enjoying themselves more than it was about the competition, but that may have changed as they've if they've come up the ranks, uh grade.

Two is obviously a little bit more serious than some of the take things a bit more seriously than some of the lower grades.

I think what you say is fair, um, davey seems to manage to strike a balance because we're not threshing the players, some type of majors can do.

So he doesn't overdo.

It tries to peak at the right time.

And I think he probably has got it right this time.

Yeah, no, you're, absolutely right players who maybe have played in other bands.

Grade 1 bands and wanted to compete, but not have the kind of seriousness that sometimes can be attached to grade one, especially if you're travelling, you know, you spend your whole summer away weekends band practices, the hackles sort of seems to have attracted some players who want to have fun.

But also want to play good tunes as well.

So in wellington, you've got quite a few choices.

You've got the police band, which will hear soon grade one band, they practice out of por at the police college.

And we've also got the monetary scottish in spite of the name, a good number of their players live in wellington they.

And they do practice practices in wellington.

So you've got a choice.

If you if you want to play at that level, you can if you want to as you say, play just a level below, but not good that the heckle's a good choice.

But now it feels a little bit scared about maybe not getting back in.

You think you'll, go back and play in the band.

Sir some days.

I think I won't do some days I don't.

My fear is at my age.

If I stop now, that's the end of it, the right of your screen there, just then was, uh, alison, mcgregor, he's on the board, he's a very passionate pipeline supporter and player.

But he was instrumental in the success of the invercargill.

Uh bands was.

I think he was involved.

He kind of kicked things off with the trust down there, that's, right? You know, the thing was almost dead.

Things were a low ebb in the southern region.

He employs the trust employs a piper, which is our oscar mackenzie is proved to be an outstanding choice.

Initially the drama, the drumming was by scott burrell he's now moved to canterbury.

And david clark is the drumming instructor.

So yes, he's a man, he's, the employer, actually of of the uh of aleister mckenzie and david clarke, but it's more than a job for those guys, it's a passion for them they're, not just doing their nine-to-five job there.

But if a vocation would say, yep, the good thing about alice through he's come from scotland, but he did the right thing and married herself than woman.

So he can't go back he's, stuck quite happy about it.


He fits there he's.

He kind of suits him.

So this band coming on your screens.

Now is hamilton caledonian grade, two, keeping those chances warm you see that's.

Why has it warmed up? No, I don't think it has it's probably roughly the same maybe a little bit, but it's still a wee bit chilly so slightly difficult conditions for pipes.


So this is another band on the rise been coming up through the grades recently.

Mel meleed.

I notice on beside here is a chat called nigel scott.

He was in the band of city of wellington.

And the the the old pipe majors.

I was in the band with him.

He disappeared, I know what happened to him.

He was gone for 20 years.

And there he is showing he's a very competitive.

Fellow really good player knows the drill and I'm told that he's been very helpful in coaching younger players and what to expect how to deal with nerves that's great so on.

So mel is obviously the wife of brenda nead who together they're really pushing things in that hamilton area.

So they've drawn set number two does john mcdonald and glencoe, maggie, cameron and lockharin.


Enjoy enjoy.


So do do so so so hamilton, caledonians, msr, enjoyable performance.

That was outstanding big, bad, big, sound, band.

Yup musical, I don't know, I really loved, um, I love that stress bay megan cameron that was lovely and the way they.

And the way they launched into the reel too.

They didn't buck around, and it was up tempo and entertaining.

And it was, you know putting on a show, yeah, nice sharp, finish too.

Well, done that's good.

So they can be pleased it's, really nice to see there's some faces that have been in that band for quite a while, um, I've gone through changes in the band and how it's grown and maybe numbers dropped off a little bit.

But it's, really nice to see the likes of andrew, shiels, liam, lancaster, tim dean, robin well, done sean lancaster and the pipe corps been there for probably 20 years.

I'd say moved around a little bit as people do play in other bands.

But it's just really nice to see people back with hamilton caledonian strength for strength, that's, right? Well, the ones I like to mention well, you're on to a couple of players who don't live and don't live in hamilton anymore, but that hail from there and still have a sympathy for the place.

Tom grubber, yes, actually.

Tom is based in christchurch.

He played in that's right spent time in scotland he's back in his home.

And you know, it's good to see that loyalty, yeah and a big band, you know, so there's a big band, you know, these bands are geared up to go up the grade.

If they you know, when they at that point, they're, not mucking around they're, not just not going for a sunday stroll in the park.

Terrific who we got next said, andrews, college, st, andrews college.

So we've had a bit of a taste of san andreas over the last couple of days, some of the uh, the band played this morning, probably will it be a similar similar band that played let's be similar to their a-b? Yeah, it will be.

This is going to be a professional performance.

It'll, be solid, it'll, be sweet, it'll, be entertaining in 2018.

Uh, san andreas went across to scotland and the runners-up in juvenile the world champs.

And they that follows up their win in 2013 where they were actually crowned world champions world juvenile champions.

Yeah, I was there that year it was.

It was wonderful.

Yeah, it makes you realize you know, we're, not, you know, we might think we're isolated and the poor cousin, but not always not too far off.

Look at that.

Look at that lineup goodness gracious me, you always have to remember when you're a pipeline.

Your audience is middle-aged men.

Not always we need some more women in there.

We do need some more women, liam kernaghan.

How old is he he's, not a liam judging at his first nationals, he would be.

I don't even know if he would be 30 to be honest, he's a few years ago, he's in his early 30s, I think, yeah, yeah, just but he's racked up a bit of experience and he's there by merrick.

Yeah, absolutely as they all are experienced merit it's, great to see liam on the on the pen, actually, um up until recently he didn't play at the nationals last year.

He was sitting in our seat, uh.

And he was with canterbury for a long time before that top soloist and uh, my understanding is he's gonna concentrate on it.

These days just good for all of us.

I think we'll hear him next at the claymore competition in palmersville in the middle of the year they have in may they have a competition invitational the top players.

Of course, he was cancelled last year because of the pandemic back on again, this year so it's an enjoyable day at peabrox, and then keep it up in the morning.

And in the afternoon home park, jig, that's, right, yeah.

I haven't been for a couple of years, but it's a piping competition in a pub.


So you sit spend all day in a pub, listen to good music.

They have nice food in the pub.

It's just it's almost like an extended living room or something I don't know, I love it I'll, happily, go and listen to t rock for a morning sitting in the tub it's a great day.

So if you're in palms north or nearby in may check it out performance this afternoon, so richard hawk's going to make the drawer.

They have set, uh, their drawn set number drumroll.

Please number one, which is john mccoll's march to kilbower cottage, maggie, cameron and the brown head maid enjoy so so do so so so foreign do.

So hey, fantastic stuff from san andreas college pipeline grade, two, ah, it's, just so nice, just so nice, you don't have to judge you have to find fault.

You just have to find the good stuff just enjoy it.

And it was nice.

And it might have had one.

You know, some information issues in the top hand basis.

But you know, I thought it was really cool and up tempo as well and entertaining enjoyable drumming's.

Good phenomenal that are bad that age can be great too.

This is the thing you just think they've probably been playing for.

I mean, even if they've been playing for five years, it's, just still great to have a band that can come together like that play like they've been playing together for a very long time is the crowd's people growing so that's, the end of the msrs next repeat of the same great, same band.

So that's, good.

And one of the things that we were talking about earlier is just the the lift or the the difference in the I guess the feel from the bands going from the msrs to the middle east it'll be interesting to see that's the same for grade 2 as well, although to be to be honest, the msrs overall, probably they all felt relatively relaxed confident.

It'd be interesting to see what happens.

I don't think we have too much of a gap between between this.

Do we swap over the judging panels and we'll be in business.

You might notice that around the around the circle there are two piping judges.

One drumming one ensemble.

You might see a couple of other people there.

One of those is the uh will be the basic tennis judge.

And the other one will be the is that the dress judge or the I believe so so so there's a bit going on, but they're, not all.

Judging confusing ian mckeown is charging the dress kim, robinson doing base antennas.

So we're, looking at the scottish society there getting ready to come on the news.

What are they going to play libby? They are playing the master blasters triggered slurs.

The magpie, the water is wide caledonian society of london lady, mackenzie of gerlock, big picnic and bessie mcintyre so there's going to be a bunch of favorites.

A bunch of favorites.

Yeah, be interesting to see how it all put together.


So if you're tuning in on the live stream, um there's, a few people who have been making some comments around how odd it is to see us all together, not wearing masks.

And we do.

We sort of forget about this a little bit.

Um, it just all is quite normal.

And and sort of seems unfortunate people watching just can't can't, appreciate how normal it kind of is no one's, really wearing a mask.

No social, distancing we're.

All we've got crowds.

We've got bands we're very lucky.

Yeah, I do hope we're, not sounding smoke to anyone we're, not we're well aware of what's going on across the world.

So yeah, yeah, just feeling for everybody out there, who's, still in lockdowns and can't.

I can't do this, but hopefully being able to watch this here in new zealand is is good and it's, giving you a little bit of your pipeline.

Fix didn't need to do that it's.

The grade two medleys is what we're just kicking into now.

And then we'll pretty much go straight into after these we'll, go straight into the grade.

One msrs, followed by the grade one middle east, the new zealand nationals has a mace flourishing competition as well, which we may bring you I'm, not sure if we will if we'll be able to, but we hopefully will be able to give you updates with the results as they come through later.

This evening I'll, be very impressed if our overseas viewers, stay awake that long, it would be an all-nighter.

I think or very close to it.

I think it's only fair libby all those years in august.

This is just staying up in the middle of the night with nigel foster ellen, cameron and don alley in blakely watching the world watching the worlds in a house in renwick just got a message, uh, libby from reed maxwell.

Oh fantastic.

So good to know, you're, listening reid, it's, a shame you're, not here, you're, an honorary kiwi.

You know that you're married into the club you might you might be a fighter via canada, but you're one of us.

Now, you're a kiwi in a shout out to janet and ross listening in from waiheke island and lois and karaka.

So it's, good to know, there's, some there's some kiwis on the kiwis who maybe can't make it to napier you're, probably warmer than we are it's.

Okay, it's.

Great to have you joining in.


Here we go looks like they're playing up to the line as their last burst before they entertain us.

No that's just me, but I'm spotting a few moustaches it's, the moustache making a comeback though never to meet anyone in the star it's, a traffic cop wannabe.

You can tell liam kern and see-through room, spectacles pipe, band fashion, it's, a fashion, I'll, never understand museum.

So do do do do do so do scottish society of new zealand kicking off the grade 2, middle east, well, it's just a shame.

We have to wait once a year to hear this isn't it, because I actually quite enjoy it, but it's.

So nice, just to sit back and listen to the good stuff.

Not worry about all the detail a little mistake or whatever I don't care.

It was nice really nice, really good lift from the back ranking and really not nice uplifting.

Flame it's, beautiful.

It might have been some side intonation issues, but you know, but overall it was it was there it's really cool.

Yeah, I loved it.

But just the only thing with this band is the scottish society of new zealand does sound a little grandiose, doesn't it.

But none of those players are responsible for that name.

No, it was it's an old name, and whoever decided that they were going to call himself scottish.

New zealand was a bit arrogant, but that's, but they are actually a christian.

Yeah, and I imagine a lot of their players, uh, I know, maybe there's a couple that aren't generally based in south island, or you know near enough to christchurch, yeah, cool.

So we have got helen out in the circle and she's going to have a wee chat to pipe major nick eagle and drum.

Sergeant mark weir with the pipe, major nick eagle and the drum.

Sergeant mark ware, flipping heck dynamic duo, you really set the scene and set the standard for the medley for grade two.

How do you think it went? Yeah, no, not too bad.

Actually it was, um, uh, it's, quite a big day quite a big build up.

But yeah, pretty settled pretty happy.

Yep, yeah, it's a chance for a drum core to shine really if you get it right? And we had patches of right.

So, yeah, it was a good effort that was an excellent performance.

My personal favorite is, uh.

The water is wide.

What out of the tunes do you personally like, oh, I'd have to be the two jigs at the beginning here.


My favorite, I like the whole medley.

I love it.

I just love whatever we're playing at the moment, it's great music, yeah, good answer.

Can you tell us a little bit about your process when you're training preparing for these sorts of competitions, uh, well, it's quite an intense period between the winter for us.

And then, um, sort of a short concise period, um.

So we sort of have a weekend practices that kind of thing so that's about it it's.

All about hard work work work work and more work and it's really about people being dedicated enough to do that work and put their bit into the cake.

If you like when yeah, well, I think that's all we have time for at the moment.

Thank you.

Both so much for your time.

Fantastic performance.

Thank you.


We are talking about baking cakes there and it's pretty good cake.

I thought mike just likes playing whatever they're playing.

But uh, I think he's right, put the effort in and get the goods do the mahi and get the get the treats it's part of the scottish new zealand thing.


It don't get too big for your boots.

Gotta play play things down.


So we've got counting on the line here, calum gilchrist leading them on to the board playing there.

They're medley do so do so do how'd it pipe band goodness, gracious me that was that was neat, oh, that was just lovely.

It was awesome there's a, you know they've made a really fit on the orchestrations.

Yeah, you know, they've playing familiar tunes and different time signatures, the break from the slow air into a waltz that was that was sweet.

I I loved it.

I just thought it was great never thought about doing that.

And it just worked.

It was beautiful.

I love that.

And sometimes you get, you know, you get bands that that kind of mix things up and change the tunes around and whatnot.

And sometimes you feel like you get a little bit lost when you're, not quite sure what's going on.

But that wasn't the case in that performance for me, it was I thoroughly enjoyed it.


So, you know, this talk about medleys have been become formulaic, but you know that you know, they're doing something different and it's, pretty good all they need to do now is face outwards at the end.

I think everybody should do that.

Now I agree.

So they played malcolm ferguson.

John roy, stewart, john worcester at real, uh, kate, daruman, paul the darkness, dunroven farm.

And then the cameronian rank.

So they'll be off to get their photo taken.

I might have a colored beverage.

And helen is with callum gilchrist and kurt james now to have a wee chat.

Fantastic performance.

I have with me here, pipe, major, callum, gilchrist and drum.

Sergeant curt james.

And of course, number one supporter of the band austin, but I must ask you, how do you feel that performance went? I think it was, um pretty good.

I don't think we could have done any more and austin also thinks it was pretty good.


Pretty good, um we're, pretty happy with how it went.

Um, they couldn't ask for any more, and they've got a number one critic over there, which they approve.

So which is the main thing at the end so I'm happy about that clearly a little bit hungry and quite keen to head is important, but what's a fabulous performance.

Austin, do you have any comments about the band? You have any comments.

I believe that was a very good from austin there, not a fabulous performance.

Can you tell us anything about how you prepared for the competition today? Yeah, well, we've got quite a lot of.

Um, a lot of the the members of the band are all have all been brought up through the band.

And a lot of them have moved away out of town.

But still, oh, I still continue to play with the band, um.

And so been a bit of a challenge this year, pulling it all together on the one or two weekends that we've had and um, yeah.

So, but the guys have done really really well.

And as I say, we, oh we couldn't.

We left it all out in the park.

So let's, see what happens? Yeah so much what callum said, um, we turned a little bit tough with coven last year, but um, put everything together in the last two or three months, it's, pretty satisfying to put out in the park and just do our best and whatever the results are we'll be happy.


Thank you so much for your time, hopefully next year, or in a few years, we'll, see, austin in your band.

Thank you so much for your time, don't don't perform with with with children, no animals.

So helen could you interview a dog next? What was kevin thinking bringing austin near that microphone? That was the bands are bloody good.

But that was a highlight wellington redhackle back up to point a uh playing there.

Medley k, buffet dunroven farm brown head, maid, smith's, the gallant fireman break your base.

Drone run had made reprise and jenny dang the weaver looking forward to hearing this enjoy so do so do wellington red hair.

Cool, good.

Medley, it's, good fun.

Oh, well, again, you know, you know, I know this means so advice, but there's, another example of someone who's made really of orchestrating.

The thing you know, that's wonderful, what they do there with the harmonies, the way they've got a, you know, counter melody, going on that reprise is enough, but not too much it's just it's, and they don't drag it on the end.

And the whole thing is just sweet sweet ass.

I love it it's that balance of being innovative and and playing around with things, but also keeping it musical.

And I think that I think they've done that last.

But there was some slurs in there.

There was those counter melodies and all of that so they're trying to mix it up and it's good to test the boundaries, a little bit see what the judges say see what the the crowd says, I'm, sure, obviously the bettinger betting afterwards, there's always a bit of feedback on such things.

If you thought your audience was an old man, you would quite you could really quite go with some boring stuff.

So it's all credit it's.

Unfair on us old guys, too.

You can't, put yourself in that category phil positively.

I was going to say juvenile, but that doesn't sound.

Good it's.

Only my behaviour all right we're going to head over to helen who's speaking with chris berry, I'm here with drum, sergeant, chris berry, chris.

Thank you so much for a phenomenal performance.

Tell us how do you think it went? It was really enjoyable like.

We always enjoy the medley it's, a really enjoyable event.

And, um, yeah, right now we're really buzzing coming off the board, which is, um, what you try and remember when you finish at the end of the day, yeah and rightly, so it was a phenomenal performance.

Do you have anything to say to our international viewers all over the world tuning in for today, we're very fortunate that we're able to compete, um with other places in the world khan.

And we've got a lot of people expats from overseas that are playing with us their family at home.

So shout out to all of those people and um, yeah, we realize how lucky we are to be after play today.


Thank you so much time for your chris.


Thank you so much for your time.

Chris have a wonderful afternoon.

Thank you very much.

Thanks helen.

And thanks.

Chris so we've got hamilton caledonian coming back up to the line to play the medley they're playing pay.

The piper jane campbell lieutenant requires jig, mcleod sonnet, the corgi asleep at the wheel.

And then the corgi reprise get the dog back.

How do you think they're going to go here? Phil, oh, they're going good.

We know that we know that and and another medley, I think will be orchestrated and some effort being put in because we've got talented people behind this band as we have in the other bands with a broad musical knowledge.

So do just felt just nice, you know, just nice.

And it reminded me why brendan plays when he's playing he's, relaxing just hear him.

And you just think, oh, that is nice he's.

Not working there between the eyes he's pressing the feature buttons.

Please pressing those pleasure buttons.

There you go phil don't leave day job.

Phil no it's good.

We love it and who's, loving it.

All the way from chicago is glen, cavito, amy and captain sullivan the pipe bed dog, shout out to those guys all the way in chicago also the fruits, cairns.

Watch you over in australia, guarantee there's, a few people still in bed watching this that's all right? I think next year libby if you're doing it again, you should bring your bed to the contest.

You mentioned that more than once you obviously like lying in bed, watching quite there.

If I mentioned that already, hey, we're gonna switch over to helen who's having a chat to a couple of members of hamilton caledonia I'm here with pipe, major meliana, eid and drum.

Sergeant tim dent.

Thank you so much for a phenomenal performance.

You got a big cheer from the growing crowd here.

How do you think it went? Uh, pretty happy with that.

One, actually, yeah, I think um probably was one of our best performances on the park, that's great.

It was as good as any rehearsal.

We've had so definitely bits.

You can always work on, but I'm, very happy with that being the run that we put out.

Yes, I think absolutely with the winds picking up here, it's getting colder and colder by the minute.

But you did a fabulous job.

Can you tell us a little bit about your preparation for today's competition? Uh, it was a lot warmer.

We've been we've been tuning in we've been working in a sort of 27 25 20, yes between 25 and 27 degrees.

So, uh, it's a bit chilly here.

So we had to just kind of roll with that and uh, hopefully it came across all right? Yeah, yeah.

Plenty of uh, definitely a lot of a lot of work over the last couple of months.

We've uh, put in a fair bit of time, especially in the last sort of three or four weeks, lots of extra practices, but yeah, it's definitely getting used to the cold for today was probably the bigger challenge from from the warmer temperatures of the other competitions, and and our practice back in back in hamilton.

Well, thank you so much for your time you've done hamilton, very proud and go rest up, get warm and we'll see a little bit later.

Thank you.

So much phenomenal stuff.

Thanks guys.

Absolutely phenomenal it's, an andrew's college pipe, band coming up to the line.

You excited phil the last medley in grade.


I am I am this is going to be good and then we're on grade one.

The tension is building the anticipation.

So as phyllis said, I believe that some of the players playing in san andreas here, they've actually left school they've left school, but they've come back because there's, tom song to play one final competition of the band.

So andrews will be playing kolzin.

The booner, jim ward's jig anthem for the wind and water.

Susan mcleod and golden brown foreign.

So so so do what a way to finish medley, beautiful beautiful.

So what really stands out there is how much effort they put into the ensemble, and how that you know that whole proper band it's, the whole thing as one beautiful support from the sides, lovely lift from the middle section.

Tuned, it's, just lovely, I'm, pretty happy about the performances too as phil said, just it's and we're lucky.

We're, right here right next to the circle, but it's just lovely to hear them.

And again, just young kids playing amazing music.

So paul hughes.

And in sydney, I think is apparently supposed to be doing the housework don't, tell his wife ally, but him and the dog are watching the live stream so g'day paul and everyone in aussie adam carey is lying in bed with headphones on listening to it libya is very jealous.

Helen is with the pipe major of saint andrews for a chat, all the way from cold christ church here to the howling winds of hastings.

I have the pipe major campbell wilson phenomenal and epic conclusion to the grade 2 medley there.

How do you think the performance went? Yeah, very happy with how it went.

And we all came together.

It was great and yeah, we all felt we did really well.

Excellent are we joined by the drum? Sergeant here.


And so this is montague stem.

Thank you so much for your performance.

How do you think it went today? Yeah, it's really, good, I'm.

Proud of all the guys.

So yeah, a lot of their first time playing that in grade two.

So pretty good.

Yeah, it's good effort and do you have any advice for up-and-coming performer pipe, band and drum.

Performers all over the world watching today, I just keep inspired, you know, it's quite difficult on these times to sort of lose interest in this stuff.

But you know, you come at the other end and it's really important for us to keep into this art form.

So yeah, yeah, just keep at it just keep going and practice hard and it all pay off excellent.

And I completely agree.

Well, thank you so much.

A sterling conclusion to the grade two medley, you absolutely deserve probably not old enough to have some whiskey, but go and have some hot chocolate.

And thank you so much once again, thanks helen, uh, monty there, his mum actually got in touch so monty's, australian I believe he has he's been a border at stake for five years to pursue his drumming, um all the way from aussie.

And he can't actually go home because of covert.

So I don't think his mum's seen him play for a while and probably won't see him play with stack again.

So, um, yeah, just really great to hear from sarah who'd been in touch about about monty, hopefully you're, enjoying the live stream in australia.


I'd just like to say something about campbell awesome.

Often these young youngsters.

These days have got so many options about what things they might do what sports they may play.

What arts they decide to get involved in campbell.

Wilson is a top soloist in new zealand, even at his young age, but he's also a ballet dancer and is now presently at the new zealand school of ballet, which is no mean, feat it's, not an easy thing to get into so he's, a man of great artistic talent.

And I don't know how he manages to do both those things at such a high level, it's incredible.

So heads off to you, campbell it's, always we're proud of you it's, always so cool to hear, you know, obviously we all know each other as fighters and drummers and we're, all, you know, various different levels of this art.

But so many people are, they just have other skills and talents that I don't really hear about that much so it's always nice to hear what's, always what's.

Also nice to hear is that we are into grade one.

This is what we've been waiting for grade one contest being kicked off by auckland district pipe, band and drum.

Sergeant louise bentley.

So obviously, no ringings.

The sheer phil, no riggins, no ringings, um, it is noticeable that they've drawn from other bands in auckland here.

So, um, there is a there's a process going on when they're bringing up players, just a shout out to benjamin mclaughlin, former pipe, major it's, not an easy thing when you've been playing major.

And you step back you're going to stand at the back rank and play not all pipe.

Majors are good at it he's done it.

Well, he has and uh, he's doing the business.

And I imagine rob dettois is going to be watching from south africa.

He often comes over for the yeah.


Well, I should say john russell is another x-pipe major in the band he's there.

So, um, we've got some wise heads as well as some young heads.

What are they going to play? They have drawn number two, which is brigadier ronald sheep of tehran, the isla ball and mrs macpherson of imvaren.

Enjoy this msr performance, the first of the great ones auckland the district so do do so do do do amd kicking things off in the grade.

One msr competition, sounding pretty good.

What do you say it was outstanding.

I got a bit of flack from uh, andrew, roach in norfolk island, he's, another, honorary, kiwi and it's, a rare thing for an australian, um people may know him he's played in a lot of good bands, one or two and verrari and others.

And he criticized me for sitting on the fence.

Andrew I'm, hoping to sit on the fence piping was the winner and pipe.

Vans are the winner on the day.

Oh I'm quite glad I'm, not able to pick a winner.

I don't want to I'm just enjoying it so much.

You need to put your name back on the on the panel and they'll every new zealand band will choose you next year.

Just just because of your commentary today, just to get me away from the country.

Yeah, fair enough, but it's good to hear andy coming out strong that was nice really sweet.

Sweet, sound, sweet, sound, yeah, really nice.

Couple of little tenorins in there, too, which I think can be if they're not executed correctly can make things a bit messy.

But I think they did a really good job.

Um, some nice fasting work.

I enjoyed it it's always difficult when you're a judge you've been judging another grade and then grade when it comes out.

The first one comes out and they're a step up, you just think, oh that's outstanding.

And then the next grade one comes along and they're good too, you know, you think have I am I uh overeat this thinking, you know, the contrast taking the contrast into account too much difficult thing.

I uh, one of the juggle juggling things you have to do when you're judging, I don't envy judges at all it's, a tough, tough job.

And then you make a call, and then some people aren't happy with that call, yes.

But you've just, I guess you've just got to judge how you see things and how you hear things I love it, because you've got the best seat in the house you've got to concentrate you cannot, you cannot be distracted by seeing your best friends over the fence or family members or family members, or you just can't and it's, but it's, it's great, because you have to listen, and you realize what's going on, you really get the pleasure even sitting in this tent.

I could find myself drifting off and seeing someone and people waving at me and stuff.

And I drift off for a bit, but you can't do that when you're judging absolutely not here.

We got next living so on our screens is in the cargo, but they're not up next.

We've got the new zealand police pipe, band we'll, be playing the msr it's, a nice little gap between bands here.

And we first get into things.


So this is another band with we've just got x-pipe mages who've stuck around in robertson.

Yep, quite rude.

Did he have it? I think he intended to have a break, but I think last year he might have turned up a couple of weeks before and ended up playing could be wrong.

Just a hard thing to give up.

How did you manage? It it's a good question.

So we've got, yeah.

Ed robertson, wonderful player, great pipe major.

Another chat, craig watson was a flight leader.

A very long time ago, he's recently, moved back to new zealand from hong kong, uh, wonderful guy and uh, the return of craig fraser.

This is true.

He retired from the band, yep and now he's back he's back.

So their back end is led up by angus crow ingress angus, sort of started his grade.

One drummond career in amd, the band we've just heard, and he has been leading side for some time.

Now probably I want to say about six years, he's, another product of raja rules.

He is from rotorua.

Yep, he came through a d under glenn miller, who did some judging at the central north island, youth pipe band and the the youth band camps that were held they're still held every every school holiday and he's just come through and angus is one of those guys he's he's, a solid drummer, he's really into his music.

He's got a young kid and he's got a spectacular beard, just like a shout out to andrew berthold pipes and drums magazine.

Thanks for your kind comments.


Thanks for listening in andrew.

We need to get you here one day.

Andrew, absolutely, I don't believe you've ever been to new zealand.

I know you've made it as far as australia, but I'm just trying to think if I'd seen him here, but I think you're being on, I think he's definitely been to australia.

Andrew is the man behind pipestrums magazine website.

He will no doubt publish the results as quickly as they come out later.

This afternoon, new zealand police, also, they often sometimes have a couple of guys coming in from overseas.

Scott there, another scottish guy, who's come out again, a couple of years ago.

Yeah, school teacher at scott's college, he's, migrated, we really do get a lot of scotsman that come over.

And they don't even go home.

How do we manage that beautiful? Climate lovely people? And the airfare is too much they're stuck at the moment, it's a bit tricky to get out or you can get out, but you can't come back again, unless you want to sit in a hotel for two weeks.

Now, the new zealand police bike band have drawn set number two, which is leaving, glenn urkart lady, mackenzie of gerlock and the sheep wise sheep.


Enjoy do.

So so do so new zealand police pipe, bend grade.

One msr are your thoughts.

Phil, yeah, good very good, very good.


I really like I really like the, um the lift and the and the support provided by the by the sides and the base antennas.

You know, really good ensemble.

They've got it going well there and it's really lifted those changes so they'll head off and start thinking about their medley very shortly.


They might have.

They might have to tweak the town a little bit there's a bit of suffering for the cold here.

I think going on.

But yes, as phil said, it's, still, the temperature's lifted a little bit, but we're talking a couple of degrees.

So it's, still what I would consider cold, which would have been unexpected so a little bit of tweaking, and hopefully they come back with that all sorted.

So next up, we have got high lt sitting on the cargo, highland pipe, band fifth band play this weekend.


So this is their first year back in grade one.

They had a short stint a few years back, um, they weren't quite ready for it.

I don't think and uh, they struggled a bit the distance they couldn't get to the other competitions, because of the cost this isn't going to be an issue.

I wouldn't think they've, you know they've stayed in grade 2 as long as they can.

Yeah, absolutely.

So obviously we've spoken about ally mckenzie in the past he's, a pipe major of the band with david clarke, the drum sergeant both of them do a monumental amount of work with the rest of the players across all of their bands.

Yeah, that's, right, uh.

What can we say about this band? I guess the only shadow I make with this.

This group is a is the copeland family, uh, the storage of this band that they've got family was playing in the band, and he was running the show and um, and they kept the show on the road really absolutely doing good stuff and doing it right? Yeah.

So if anyone needs to know how to run a band just go and go and speak to the copeland family, they know they do nice to see a couple more dogs, they're, just looking windswept and interesting that was charlie.

And what group were they fluffy and you're gonna make that up as well are you? Yep, oh, she just looked like.

She was just loving that breeze, it's doing great things for her for him.

The camera operators here have clearly picked up on this whole dog, jack joke that we that we're running but it's.


The city of invercargill has got the other vans will draw the msr on the line.

So it's noticeable in this band notable in this band that there's a couple of players that are the grandsons they're, one of the most famous pipers and people exponents.

And that is serene.

Makai who's got grandsons in the span.

So this is, you know, two generations later doing great stuff, that's fantastic.

So they've drawn set two, which is pipe major, jim christie of wick, dora mcleod and the brown head maid.

Enjoy foreign do do so so so do do do so so so back in grade, one, yeah, well done well, done you'll be happy with that.

Alistair, they're, really good, um, it felt I felt really pleasant and relaxed again, good support from the midsection of action that mid section is really quite quite something.

And I don't know, who's the leading right there, but I know megan clark and she's just tremendous liam argyle.

He knows her stuff and it's a and the base from really tremendous.

Some some people underestimate the benefits of a good base in tennessee there's, an example of, and I love the brown head mate.

I do too actually there's something about that channel.

You can hear a lot, and it doesn't never get sick sick of it and it's og.

So it's, unlike other tunes like up to the line and things like that you do absolutely absolutely.


So, um, yeah, that's really good.

I look forward to hearing their meeting.


So this is the I don't know you could would you call us the two biggies I'm, not better be unfair on the ones we've just heard, but we've got we've got manoa too.

And and cannery kelly coming up.

This is going to be interesting canterbury, defending their title from last year, and then were to be sniffing around behind them, trying to see if they can get in front.

I'd say, I mean, obviously all the grade one bands are.

But so I'd like to make a shout out to to my friend bruce moffat in taranaki.

Oh, thank you to bruce.

Yeah, nice to hear from you.

Bruce I'm glad you're having a good old listen.

And I hope you unlike me, you're making predictions make a wee shout out to catherine belcher who's in melbourne.

Listening away, katz played with manual two in the past that's, really really great to hear that she's, um, listening in there's.

A few other few hundred others from around the world.

It would seem andy mcnichol from central otago.

He said, a rude word about me, which I can't repeat did he say phil is lovely.

Thanks for that.

Andy scurly wee man.

He says he like me is very bad at scottish accents.

Oh yes.


Try it he'll be expecting to get a shout out during manual too.

But scott wallace actually said, please give me a shout out he's, um, many of you will know scott he's a bloody good guy, he's hilarious and he's gone on the spitzwell thing and he's like a shadow of them because of spawn, the south so good on you scott you're, a bit of an inspiration, actually one, talented musician and now talented.

And I don't know, what is muscle building thing of choices? But anyway, good on you scott.

So hopefully I'll just talk to ashley again, oh, oh, no, oh man, it's been a long day he's coming to white bank on just to be anonymous.

Never happen again.

No it's.

Good to see the crowd here, lots of people supporting a couple of blankets around a lot of down jackets.

Someone actually said in the live stream feed is it scotland cold or new zealand, cold scots were in new zealand right now they wouldn't be complaining about anything.

I don't think I did a season in scotland.

And this is pretty stock standard.

So I remember last year, tyler frye got quite sunburned.

I think another cargill.

The irony can we looking pretty relaxed over there? It's a serious conversation going on there? Kerry marshall with the sunglasses facing the camera there he's been a really big part of organising this contest so he'll be very pleased with how it's all gone a couple of hardcore supporters it's nice to see them sharing their blanket.

So as we said yesterday, I think it was, uh, canterbury caledonian pipeline pipe.

Major is jamie hawk.

Jamie actually lives in australia at the moment.

So he has he's come all this way he had to spend two weeks in quarantine in wellington, sitting in a hotel, not able to do a lot to be able to compete this weekend.

So I don't know about you phil, but that feels like a pretty big commitment to me.

I would mind two weeks in a hotel free food and drink.

I'd just like to make a shout out to, uh, jamie's partner, ellen mcnulty, who's in melbourne she's from wellington, originally and had the privilege of teaching her in a past age.

And charles her father, I hope you're, listening there's, harrison allen in the second rank.

I hope he hasn't that whiskey yet that would be good graham bryce on the right-hand side there, one of the tutors at san andreas college, richard, richard hawk in the middle, of course, so many players that this isn't their first time playing today.

They've actually played a couple of times already so canterbury cali's coming up to the line where they will draw the msr family.

They have drawn set number two, which is balmoral, highlanders, athel cummers.

And the smith of chile chassis.

Some classics nice, big tunes.

Yeah, looking forward to this.

So so do so do do so a.

So so we've come to expect a standard a particular standard from canterbury, and they upheld that was outstanding when you're, judging you find yourself using the same expressions over and over again in sheets, and it doesn't matter because no one's reading anything.

But when you're behind the microphone, you find your your limited vocabulary comes to haunt you.

You start saying, phenomenal all the time.


So that's going to take some beating sounded like a prediction there.

No, I don't have to and I'm not going to no he refuses to.

I think this is my dirty secret.

I don't really care who wins do you care? No, I just want to hear this good that's, good music.

My big thing is you just want to have a good time it's all about having fun at the end of the day, yep, we're all competitive beasts, and we want to win.

But if you don't, hey, if you had fun, then it's a win in my book, it is kind of mad judging this, but we do it, and it does lift the standard reasons for it.

But absolutely as you can see manual two on your screen there.

It looks like they're, getting pretty ready to come down to point a thanks to uh, rab, linux from the big rab show who's tuned in and has shared our stream on his page.

He's got a really good following fantastic show so awesome to have your support.

So this is one of our old bands.

Same, yeah, same with you yep.

And in four years time, it's going to be the 100th that's, right? It is true, which is amazing.

So bruce anderson's putting together some some tunes and he's putting some narrative together and we're going to do some uh oral history over it.

Oh brilliant.


So hopefully in four years time, we'll have a nice record of the band that'd, be great.

What I have to say from my time, it's gonna have to be heavily censored, no comment, no comment.

But um, I think stu mckenzie's been the plant major for 20 years, 20 of those almost 100 years.

The previous flight, major was greg wilson.

Believe it or not that's true.

People think of him as a soloist, but he was part maker of this band.

I think 20 years.

I mean, stu is history must be 40 mid 40s, yep, 45.

I think he is 10 years older than me and, um, he spent a big chunk of his life, not only in the band, but actually leading it.

Well, his father was in it as well he's been involved with it since he was born, absolutely and his older brother, fraser look at that.

Number two so they'll be playing the clan macrae society, the shepherd's crook and pretty marion do so do do do so so do so do now, which is scottish pipe down there with the last of the grade 1, msrs, yeah, really nicely.

Yeah, it's got that signature stuart mckenzie thing, which is that warm tone and sound it kind of wraps around.

It gives you a big old, cuddle it's better than a hot pie in a cold day.

Yeah, I'm warm.

Now, yeah, yeah.

So you've taken all day.

We just needed the mckenzie tone.


So the whole thing was just, you know, hanged together hung together, well, and it was sweet just pleasant man, just please.

And in shout out to gary potter, um and marianne kirby he'll, be in perth.

Listening gary usually comes over and leads the corps and credit to theo van wyk who's led that court.

It was relaxed.

He looked relaxed.

It felt comfortable it was tidy.

I I really enjoyed that so well done theo in the core.

Yeah, again, I'm glad I'm, not judging.

Yeah, someone else can work that one out it'd be interesting to go around the ground and just get predictions off that.

The thing is, you know, you can have you've got one contest in the msr, and then medley can throw up something completely different that then you really just can't, pick it, but yeah, it's a catch-22 when you're judging grade one, you don't want to pick someone as the winner, no and it's nerve-wracking.

On the other hand, you've heard this wonderful music in close quarters.

And you can stand when you where you want and it's just superb, but it is nerve-wracking so that's, a d, auckland district on your screen.

Now they'll be back to play there medley shortly so we're pleased to know we will also be live streaming.

The competitions after the bands, we've got mace flourishing a display or two.

And then the results they'll be on us on a separate link to this one, but we'll give you all the details closer to the time.

Phil's very excited, loves a good nice.

Flourishing final.

I don't mind the most flashing, finals.

I guess the history in new zealand is I'm kind of banged off on about this too much.

But, but uh, you know, um, post, world war, two we had.

We did a lot of drill.

We didn't go to scotland for trips.

And we were in our little corner of the world doing our drill.

And it took a bit of killing and there's still a bit of a remnant of it.

But you know, we've got got ourselves in the mainstream now with the rest of the world and uh, you've seen evidence evidence of it in the last two days you talk about what the bands sit up, great, uh after world war, two, like you were there.

I don't think you were well.

Yeah, it went on for a very long time after world war ii.

And it took a bit of killing.

We had drill instructors who were, you know, veterans of world war ii.

And they thought it was, uh being a well drilled band was the best thing.

And as a scruffy, little teenager and farmers, I didn't take to it too well, I'm quite happy to quite pleased to say, I've never done a quick march.

A quick it's, a cool quick.

Step, yeah, there's a quick step quick.

Step, I've never done a display it's a travesty and look, we talked about louis turrell.


He was one.

He was one of the uh, one of the one of the prime killers of that.

Yeah, even though he was quite keen on military things.

And he quite liked tradition.

He was, he was a wise man.

And he knew that this wasn't doing our piping and dropping any good good on him, lord lewis.

So andy are now on the line they will be playing lake.

Lord alexander kennedy.

Annie grant caledonian society of london.

The lag ferry, the skylarks ascension, anne's march, the cockrell and the creel, philip greer, big week, anne's march, sorry, ends march, reprise and finishing up with golden brown.

So do do do do portland district creek one.

And that is their final performance for this contest.

Yeah, it was terrific.

You enjoyed that phil, yeah, that was super entertaining wasn't it.

And that ending, you know, yeah, they looked so fun.

It was crap pleasing.

And it was bloody good.


I loved it.

Some little whips from the from the snare line as well.

Yeah, kind of accompanied that.

Yeah, louise bendy's done a terrific job here.

I mean, she hasn't been lead side that long.

I don't think people realize it's tough job being a lead leader in one of those bands.

You're, not just you're, not just running the music you're, a social worker, you're, a relationship counselor the works.

The other works.

So adam and leading side.

Louise bentley are with helen so we'll see what they thought of their performance.

Unfortunately, we can't hear helen.

We can see her she's, bright she's found herself.

A nice fur, colorful fur.

But unfortunately, we can't quite hear her so we'll come back to helen soon.

Another powerhouse, couple tremendous performance for the auckland district pipe band.

I have with me, adam michie, the pipe major and the drum.

Sergeant louise, bentley phenomenal, tremendous performance.

Well done.

But please do tell myself and the international audience.

How do you feel about it? I enjoy both runs or yeah, it's really solid as a it's been a challenging season as it has been for anyone and everyone sorry and just glad to be out there.

Obviously we've had a wee bit more challenge than other people being in auckland, but that's, no excuses and, um, yeah, I'm really proud of the team and the hard work.

And yeah, very happy with the two results.

Two results.

Two performances.

Yeah, we had a lot of fun.

And we've been building this season it's been a great fun with the team.

We've got a really nice unit at the moment and we're really proud of what we put in the park today.

Well, I know you've got a big crowd supporting you here.

And it was a very big chair, very interested to know, though what was your favorite tune out of medley that you just performed? Oh, a bit of golden brown hard to beat golden brown, yeah, by far, golden brown, fantastic and do you have any advice for any up and coming pipers and drummers that are listening here today, or here in the audience, grab a practice channel, or if you're really inclined, grab some drumsticks, but practice chatting, mainly.

No dream is too, much always keep practicing and you'll do whatever you set out to do well.

Thank you.

Both so much for your time today and um, good luck.

All the best why is words there? Adam made a good point.

There auckland has had periods of being locked down unlike the rest of the country.

So you know, various periods where they can't practice having to do stuff via zoom.

And so on, just, um hearing from adam.

It just reminds we really have done a good job in this country of getting scottish pipers in that just don't leave and that's what three I'm thinking out loud here, three grade, one bands with scottish pipe.

Mages would that be right? Uh, there's.

One here, there's, one there, adam alastair.

So I don't know a bit of a pattern, but they're, obviously bringing their bringing the goods and having a positive influence on pipelines in new zealand, that's, right? A big, shout out to one of those pipe, majors graham, billsman he's, the father of four performers, including one on this bed douglas, uh, he's, he's at home in palmerston, north wish you well, graham, I hope you're enjoying the the uh live stream.

Shame, you're, not here.

There's, a shame, you're, not here biz.

So new zealand police are now on the line, ready to play their medley, they will be playing mobile party unit, it's, a great tune name, especially for cops big, move bros and butter, but locally centenary drambuie.

The guards club isaac johnston down north and lord mcconnell do do done do do so do so so do do do do so great stuff from the new zealand police pipe, band, yeah, that was a real step up from the msr.

I thought, yeah, it started off.

You know, I think oh that's, not so good.

But when they settle into it, the sound came right.

Playing was good.

It was up music speeding up business.

They did was nice that was really good.

Yeah, well done one of the things I've really noticed over the last today is, um, just the the dead beating that the bass drums are doing and some of the container sections as well, where they're, actually, you know, putting them putting the stick on the drum to kind of give them that sound and it's quite effective.

Well, I think that's a real strength of this band, those tenon runners in the bass.

I mean, I you know over the years, judging you do find if the people who go for the too much flourishing, if they're a bit slow on the flourishing, you've got your hand high up in the air and the beats a nano.

Second, some people don't, but they were spot on all right.

Well, done congratulations they'll be off get their photo taken, and then we'll have a chat have their photo taken then probably have a beer.

But before they do that, we've got height major scott and leading drummer angus who are standing by to have a wee chat to helen about their performance.

I have here with me pipe major, scott, giffin and drum.

Sergeant angus, crowe.

Excellent performance.

And thank you so much big crowd here today, but tell us how did you think it went I'm pretty happy.

I you know, worked really hard to get here.

Um, I think it's been a tough year for everyone.

So tough for all the bands, um, but yes, I'm, pretty happy with what we're pretty happy with how we played.

Yeah, I'm really happy.

Um, those aiming rails.

I thought were really really good and still got my hat going a bit.

It feels good.

So yeah, do you played some excellent tunes? But I have to ask you as well out of what you played in the middle.

What was your favorite? Oh, I mean, the whole thing is my favorite because I chose all the tunes, um.

But the for me, the slow is my favorite gym and really musical loads of harmonies really cool.

Uh, I actually really like the stretch base, the really good middle stress space and uh, the second to last reel down north.

Now, scott, some of the other bands have told me that yesterday you were fabulous in helping them warm up and tune and a huge.

Thank you to you for the assistance with the grade, four bands.

And I understand you've got some of the papakura boys, uh, drumming for you as well, hayden and ryan.

Could you tell us a little bit about your process in preparing for the competition? Um, I mean for for us, we've got a lot of players that are in other bands are helping with other bands.

So, um yesterday, most of us spent the day here, um, stop helping and tune and stop playing with other other groups.

And then we we spent our fair time, practicing in the afternoon, um in preparation for our spouse today and the street march last night, um, but yeah, in the lead up, you know, we we practice weekends, um, because we are the new zealand policeman, you know, we've got people all over the country, um.

So we have to fly them in.

So it takes a fair bit of organizing, um.

So we have about, you know, two or three weekends and the lead up to this weekend to prepare, uh, yeah, it's just a bit of a juggling looking at the schedule when it comes out as well and working out when the best time for practice will be with other people and and their band or their other band, and that kind of thing.

So, yeah, a little bit of juggling.

Eh? So probably the most important question I have for you today.

And I asked the auckland police this question as well, where's the dog.

I wish the dog was here as well to be fair, it was really cute yesterday, um, and we did get a cuddle afterwards.

So I'm pretty happy.

But unfortunately, you know, the dogs have to work more than we have to, um so probably away working somewhere that's currently where the dog is, I think it is sad.

Yeah, a little bit sad.

It is, but there are plenty of dogs here today.

And hopefully we can get a cuddle with them at some point have you got any big plans to celebrate? I mean, just the effort that you've put in for today.

Oh nothing major planned we'll.

Just, uh, I guess we'll, uh have a bit of a relax as a as a group now and then we'll see what happens? Uh, the prize giving fair.

I mean, we're, not quite finished yet.

We've still got another set to play and it's, not judged officially, um, but we still have to play them.

So we'll still be here.

We'll still be playing later and yeah, excellent.

Well, we won't keep you any longer.

Thank you so much for your time and congratulations on an excellent performance.

Thank you.

Thanks helen.

Thanks scott and angus.

Yes, they are.

I understand they're doing a display as they do.

Please don't make me cuddle any dogs.

We all wish the dogs were here.

We shout out to, uh, rhonda and mel sitting in the back of a car in hawaii beach having a scrumpy it's, a cider, just in case anyone was wondering.

And also we have to say a big, hi to tyler fry who usually would be here in all his enthusiasm, um, he was behind the mic.

What we're doing last year.

Sorry, the board is a bit close.

Are you a poor person's? Tyler fry today.

I don't think anybody is comparable to that man? I mean, I could I need a bit more energy, probably to be, but nice to see tyler and jordan watching.

And I also believe louise mckenzie with son, kyle, the wife and son of strip mackenzie are listening in as well.

So next up, ilt city of invercargill highland pipeline to play their medley, they're playing captain archie, miss, tracy, lundy, ellen and gemma's at eight willie murray's, reel the knight visiting song, kenny, mcdonald's, jig and bovis looking forward to this phil, oh, absolutely so do do do so do do do alt city of invercargill that was cool medley done that was cool.

I I really liked that ending it was it was being bogus.

I think just that it was a.

It was a neat way to finish immediately.

Yeah, yeah.

I just thought that it started off.

It turned out played at the start.

It felt to my ear.

It sounds kind of trend, but sweet, not really melodic.

And the whole thing was very melodic strong on melody, that's, amazing.

But then of course, the stress bays were kind of created as well.

And then they started slurring them in real.

They did that's right the slurring.

And and I I like it, and I I'm interested to know what you think phil, if you had if you're a judge, you wouldn't think, oh that's a little bit pushing it that's too much.

I think it's been, I think it's, fantastic, yeah.

And and it worked and it sounded good.

It was tidy and just something a little bit different, which I think is really cool.

It was a mixture of trad.

Well, again that that second to last one sounded kind of a bit, tread it's kind of mcdonald's jig, it's kind of old fashioned, but it was nice and then, and then the bonus thing at the end just mixed up a little bit so it's, fantastic, yeah.

Well done well done they'd be proud of themselves.

So we've got helen and she's standing by with ally mckenzie and davey clark to have a little bit of a chat about their performance.

Maybe not maybe not phil was that bad liar again, I'm standing here with pipe, major alistair, mckenzie and drum.

Sergeant david clarke.

Thank you so much for a spectacular performance.

Could you tell us a little bit about how you think it went? Uh, yeah.

Recently, happy there, uh, I'm.

Sorry, running pretty good.

And then obviously, yeah, we've got the warmest of days here so moisture after our msr.

So for them, all right for those reasons reasonably happy for the middle yeah, yeah.

Yeah, I'm really happy, really proud of the guys and everything they put out today.

So very good, you played some really great tunes.

Uh, what was your favorite in the middle you just played? Um, personally, like, uh, the last student bowl that's, one of my friends in northern ireland's written that one.

So yeah, quite like the last jig we play I quite like the uh willie murray's, reel, personally, all right.

Thank you so much for your time.

And for all the international viewers, this fur is not made of haggis fur.

No animals were harmed in the making of this coat back to you libby.



We've got canterbury caledonian society pipe band, just coming up to the line.

Now let's play their medley they'll be playing bit.

Bad, knock pipe, major, hector, maclean, fiona, mcleod, cronin's, real highlanders hybrid, dance, the owl and the blackbird maryvale.

Princess, lewis, torrell's jig, the hens march and counter blast.

Just a reminder.

They are, uh, defending their new zealand, championship no pressure, guys, enjoy canterbury, caledonians medley.

Ah, so do done do do someone tells me they enjoy playing that they're pros aren't.

They man, that's.

The worst thing about judging this band, you got this put a blank bit of paper, and they play like that.

And you think what the hell am I going to write on here? And then if you write something, you find some minor fault, you feel like a heel because it doesn't, it doesn't match, you know, that's real pro.

And I love the hins marche.

I just love it.

Yeah, as soon as I hear that tune, I can see those hens, you know, picking the kick in the the wheat donald mcleod, what a guy not a tune.

I love it.

It felt it was interesting.

The whole performance was good, but it almost felt like they got it into halfway and went right? Right? Boys let's just let's smash this out of the park.

It was, you know, they just looked like, they were having fun when drummers when snare drummers are dancing and they're based on.

Yeah, he was going for it.

No just well done just lovely performance, I'm, not making any predictions, but they'll be in the right connections.

I think they might be in the running.


What'll be interesting is that is the drumming results.

And what the drumming results do to the overall, um, it's, just how the how will the schools go.

But so everything's, interesting it's, interesting every year.

So we've got one more band man or two.

And then after that, we've got some other competitions, math flourishing and whatnot.

But the the results will be the prize giving kicks off around ten to five new zealand times.

So uh, we'll be able to bring you those as well.

But before we go to manawatu, we've got helen on the field with pipe major and drum, sergeant to have a chat about how that canterbury cali's performance went.

I am here with the pipe major jamie hawk.

And the drum, sergeant, michael jenkins of the defending champions of the pipe, band competition, the canterbury caledonian society pipe band that was a really amazing.

Amazing performance.

Could you tell us? So how do you feel like it went very happy overall a lot of work has gone on to it and to put it out in the park and do a good job is all we can ask for, um, yeah, really happy with the guys today not much to complain about.

Yeah, quite similar.

Yeah, it's always hard to get that.

Perfect run there's always a few bits and pieces.

You think back and could do a wee bit better.

But yeah, overall very happy.

And jamie, I understand you've shown a lot of dedication to the band.

You came over from melbourne.

You quarantined for two weeks.

Could you tell us a little bit about that? Yeah, we're usually on back and forth every month during especially during the season, but it's a bit different this year.


So yeah, I did my two weeks, and I've been in christchurch for four weeks after that so plenty of time to prep the band after that great, well, thank you so much.

And all the best for those of you on the live stream, I must say, no muppets were harmed in the making of this jacket.

Thank you so much.

Thanks helen great to talk to the guys.

So many two is coming up to the line.

Now phil's very excited.

I think we're all excited to hear what they have.

The medley will be the cornerbrook wedding duncan lamont money, musk don elvin farm.

The king's hand, francis mckenzie, cape breton, just for sheamus and the road to erigy do do so do do so do what a way to end those medley performances man or two scottish pipe band with their medley.

Oh man, those pleasure buttons got pushed those pleasure buttons.

Phil's pleasure, buttons have been pushed by mr mckenzie and his team of pipers and drummers that's beautiful.

This is why we're doing today phil talked about that tone wrapping around him and giving him a big squeeze about half an hour ago are you still feeling that wall? I didn't say anything about squeezing, um, no, that was terrific.

And I just want to take take my head off to stewart easton in particular I'm, not sure whether it's a swan song or not.

They have a habit of talking people coming back don't.

They mean, they say they're going to retire, yeah, but I understand that, you know, it's nearing the end of his banned career with the band for the moment.


So stuart that one's for you man, yeah, you've given that band great service and you and stuart when some of your other colleagues like rebel, mcintyre have kept that van top of the top of the pack for 20 years, outstanding, absolutely and stu mchale playing the bass drum there in the basic intersection that was good man.

Stew is solid like stew's.

One of the most musical people you'll ever meet.

This is steve mchale because there's a few stories that we're talking about here.

But he is one of like strew's, one of those people that just picks up an instrument and can play it.

And that comes through and his command of that bass drum.

He's just solid all the way through so well done too.

So we'll cross over to helen shortly to have a wee chat, hopefully to stream mackenzie and theo van wyk from manual too.

But, um, we will be switching from once we've had a chat to the guys we'll be switching over our our links.

So we'll switch off this stream and we'll have a new one for the mace flourishing, which you'll be able to tune into.

And then later on today, we will have the the prize giving and the results.

So we have mace flourishing eliminations shortly followed by one display, which I think is from the new zealand police and the most flourishing finals before mass bands and presentations at 4 50 p.m, new zealand time.

So helen has got stu and theo and we'll have a listen to what they have to say about their performance concluding, the grade one medley competition today.

I have with me pipe, major, stuart mckenzie and drum corporal.

Theo van wick.

Thank you so much for an epic conclusion to the medley, but please tell myself and the international audience, listening.

How do you think it went? Yeah, not too bad.

Um had a good time had fun with everyone.

And I guess that's the most important part.

Yeah, oh look.






Interesting conditions today, it's been pretty cool.

And then it actually came out warm, uh.

And so we had to do a few sort of very last minute adjustments for that.

But overall, I think, um the pipes actually handled it pretty well and the players did too.

So yeah, I feel that we we put a a good foot forward today.

You played a pretty outstanding medley, but what was your favorite tune out of the performance? You just did definitely the last one road to arrogy.

I take a slightly different view, there's a jig in the middle called dunroven farm.

And I never get sick of playing it it's, a beautiful musical tune written by a canadian called michael gray.

So that's a tune played over the last two years.

And yeah, that was probably the most enjoyable aspect for me.

And on the conclusion of the medley in the grade 1 competition for 2021, what advice do you have to aspiring drummers and pipers all over the world today just keep practicing, oh look.

We want to join you guys, you know, we we really do miss the international connection, uh, we feel for you guys, you know, not being able to get out and play, uh.

And we really hope that it comes right.

If not this year, then certainly next year.

And we hope to see a few of you over in scotland next year, fingers crossed excellent.


Thank you.

Both so much for your time.

Don't, go away international audience.

We still have the most flourishing to go.

So stay tuned.

I believe we have another live stream link coming and we'll be back with you very very shortly.


Alan just echoing street thoughts here, thinking of our audience and also our new zealand audience as well, not just the internationals, but new zealand audience who can't make it to napier for whatever reason.

So we will take a wee short break we're going to switch links.

So if you are following you'll have to exit out of this one and just jump back on the rnz pba, youtube page to find the next length of mace flourishing speak to you soon, we know a country where the food offering spans from pick your own to picking it up from a roadside stall or farmers market they're, taking your pick from restaurant menus that are as good as anywhere in the world.

And so is the wine.

But this country is not too far away at all.

And yes.


How are pipe bands judged? ›

A judge will be listening for the "attack” of the band, meaning how well the group starts up together. The goal is for every piper to hit the first note at the same time, with a true pitch. The band should sound as one, with well-tuned instruments and steady tempos.

What are the results of the New Zealand pipe band Championships 2023? ›

The New Zealand Pipe Band champions for 2023 are:

Grade 1 Champions – Canterbury Caledonian Society PB. Grade 2 Champions – Hawthorn Pipe Band (Melbourne) Grade 3 Champions – City of Tauranga Pipe Band. Grade 4A Champions – Scotch College Pipes and Drums (Melbourne)

What were the results of the pipe band Championships? ›

List of champion bands since 1906
Year1st place3rd place
2022Field Marshal Montgomery (C)ScottishPower Pipe Band
2020–2021No Championships were held during government lockdowns and restrictions
2019Inveraray & District (C)St. Laurence O'Toole*
2018Field Marshal MontgomerySt. Laurence O'Toole*
103 more rows

Who won the pipe band competition? ›

Duthie Park, Aberdeen, was the venue for this year's European Pipe Band Championships, the second major of the season. Ninety – one bands entered. Inveraray were crowned Grade 1 champions retaining their title from 2022.

How are pipe bands graded? ›

Because of time constraints, the RSPBA uses "A" and "B" designations in Grade 3, 4, and Novice Juvenile for major competitions. In doing so, bands are grouped based on prior-years' performances, and can receive promotions within their respective grade. These vary slightly throughout the world.

How are bagpipe bands graded? ›

GRADING SYSTEM: Bands in the U.S. are graded from 5 to 1. The most serious, professional pipe bands with the largest number of experienced players are Grade 1 (highest ability level), and the beginner bands with the newer players are Grade 5 (lowest ability level).

How many pipe bands are there in New Zealand? ›

The HPBANZ became the Royal New Zealand Pipe Bands Association in 1985. In 2014 the association had 79 pipe bands affiliated to it: 43 in the North Island and 36 in the South Island.

Who won Pipe Band Championships 22? ›

Field Marshal Montgomery: 2022 World Pipe Band Champions – pipes|drums.

Where are the World Pipe Band Championships held? ›

Since 1986 the Championships have always been held in Glasgow. The event now attracts up to 240 individual pipe bands, approximately 60 of which are normally from other countries, reflecting the world-wide interest in Scotland's national music. The number of spectators has increased to around 40,000.

How many Grade 1 pipe bands are there in the world? ›

World's Grade 1 probably only 15 bands.

Who is the most successful pipe major? ›

Famous Pipers – P/M Ian McLellan BEM, Strathclyde Police. Now retired from the RSPBA adjudicator's tent, P/M Ian McLellan is the most successful pipe major in the history of the pipe band movement. With his band he won 12 World Pipe Band Championship titles at the helm of the legendary Strathclyde Police Pipe Band.

Who won the National Brass Band Championship? ›

The current National University Brass Band Champions of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are "Royal Birmingham Conservatoire Brass Band", having won the UniBrass Trophy in 2023. The University of Oxford Brass Band won the UniBrass Shield in 2023.

What date is the World Pipe Band Championships on in 2023? ›

One World Pipe Band Championships. Friday 18 – Saturday 19 August 2023.

Who is the world champion pipe band drummer? ›

Jim Kilpatrick has been most successful over the years, being named World Champion a record 16 times. The current title holder is Steven McWhirter of Inveraray & District Pipe Band.

Who is the head of pipe band? ›

The pipe major is the leading musician of a pipe band, whether military or civilian. Like the appointment of drum major, the position is derived from British Army traditions. During the early twentieth century, the term sergeant piper was used instead.

What is the most common pipe grade? ›

Grades B & C are the most common for structural purposes.

What do band grades mean? ›

Performance bands are used to categorize a student's performance on a test. Each band is a range of achievement. Bands are labeled to indicate what the score means for the student's proficiency. In the example below, a score from 80-89% means the student has an Above Basic understanding of the material.

What are the ranks in a pipe band? ›

Pipe bands as we know them today, typically consist of the following:
  • Pipers.
  • Snare Drummers.
  • Tenor Drummers.
  • A Bass Drummer (sometimes more than one)
  • A Drum Major.

What Hz should a bagpipe be tuned to? ›

Most other instruments are tuned at standard concert pitch (440 Hz), whilst a bagpipe is tuned around 470–480 Hz. It is possible to change the pitch by using different chanters and reeds.

What is the difficulty of playing bagpipes? ›

Bagpipes are notably some of the most difficult instruments to play. They depend on air control and you must play the correct notes as you blow and squeeze. You have to keep the air flowing at the right amount. You might spend almost a year learning to play this instrument.

How much is a bagpipe band? ›

On average, professional bagpipers cost $200-$300 for a 30-minute performance.

Which country has the most pipe bands? ›

New Zealand claims the highest number of pipe bands per capita in the world. ceilidh — are all are danced in New Zealand. The New Zealand Academy of Highland and National Dancing and the international Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing run the competitive sport, with children dancing from as young as three.

Why join a pipe band? ›

Widespread research shows that learning to play an instrument helps to develop numeracy, literacy, social and fine motor skills. School pipe bands encourage skills for life, learning and work. For example teamwork, perseverance, camaraderie and confidence, and a sense of discipline and dress.

What is a pipe band called? ›

The pipers, or Pipe corps, play the Great Highland Bagpipes and the drummers, or Drum corps, play side, tenor and bass drums and sometimes other percussion instruments. The band is led by the Pipe Major supported by a Pipe Sergeant and Pipe Corporals.

Where is the World Pipe Band Championships 2023? ›

A general admission ticket entitles you to a full days access to Glasgow Green for the entire piping competition, where all bands will play, and champions will be crowned.

How many pipe Masters has Kelly won? ›

Slater is widely regarded as the greatest professional surfer of all time, and holds 56 Championship Tour victories. Slater is also the oldest surfer still active on the World Surf League, winning his 8th Billabong Pipeline Masters title at age 49.

Who won pipe Masters? ›

How can I watch the World Pipe Band Championships? ›

BBC One - World Pipe Band Championships, 2022.

Who is hosting World Championships? ›

This summer, the World Athletics Championships will be held in Budapest, welcoming over 2000 athletes from 200 different countries, all in less than 100 days from now. The purpose-built National Athletics Centre, which is nearly completed, will be the main venue for the competitions.

Where is the European Pipe Band Championships? ›

Around 101 bands and 25 drum majors are expected to travel to Aberdeen to take part. The 2023 results can be found via the RSPBA website.

Is pipe band drumming hard? ›

Pipe band drumming music is almost impossible to read. In fact, it is not only hard to read but, to anyone unfamiliar with the style, it is completely inaccessible. I have been trying to figure it out for the last 30 years and it has been a long and frustrating process.

What is the oldest pipe band in the world? ›

The main contender for the oldest civilian Pipe Band still in existence would appear to be the Accrington Pipe Band in Lancashire, England. The Accrington Pipe Band was founded in 1885 in the Ex-Servicemen's Club, Abbey Street, Accrington.

What is the oldest civilian pipe band in the world? ›

Breadalbane Pipe Band – possibly the oldest known civilian pipe band. On September 22, 1884 the Dundee Courier newspaper reported on the Dundee Reform Demonstration* which consisted of a parade and speeches. There were groups representing all the trades and organisations in the city, with floats and banners.

Who is the king's pipe major? ›

In the video, Major Paul Burns could be seen playing the bagpipes with aplomb as the clock struck 9am at Clarence House.

What is the history of the pipe major? ›

Army Pipe Bands developed around the mid-1800s, when regimental Pipers and Drummers would play together on long route marches in order to keep a steady tempo and maintain the morale of the troops. The Head Piper became known as the Pipe Major.

How many players is a brass band? ›

Brass Bands have 25 players ( plus percussion) in them - all which are TRANSPOSING INSTRUMENTS with the exception of the Bass Trombone who plays in Bass Clef at Concert Pitch.

Did Mississippi State win the championship? ›

Mississippi State sponsors teams in seven men's and nine women's NCAA sanctioned sports. Mississippi State won its first team National Championship in 2021, defeating Vanderbilt in the 2021 College World Series.

Who won the Kentucky State band competition? ›

Saturday night was a family affair for the Hamilton family, who watched the Madison Central High School Marching Band become the 2022 Kentucky Music Educators Association Class 5A state champions.

Where will the 2023 outdoor world championships take place? ›

Budapest, Hungary, is the host city of the 2023 World Championships. A city on the Danube of endless fascination and Old (and New) World charm, Budapest welcomes us to the 19th World Championships. The dates have recently changed to August 19-27, 2023.

Where is the World Dance Championship 2023? ›

World of Dance Championship 2023 in Anaheim Convention Center, CA.

Where are the World Championships 2024? ›

The 2024 IIHF World Championship will be hosted by Czechia from 10 to 26 May 2024. This decision was made at the semi-annual International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) congress.

Who is playing drums with Eric Clapton? ›

Steve Gadd
Instrument(s)Drums, percussion
Years active1968–present
12 more rows

Who is Eric Clapton's drummer? ›

Jim Gordon, Eric Clapton Drummer Convicted of Murdering Mother, Dead – Rolling Stone.

Who played drums for George Strait? ›

Bobby Jarzombek is an American musician of Polish and German ancestry who is currently the drummer for country music legend George Strait.

What is MSR in pipe band? ›

We have said it before, but it bears repeating: the MSR is simply an early form of a medley. The strathspey & reel on its own is a logical progression of tunes derived from Highland dancing.

What are Scottish drums called? ›

The Scottish tenor drum is a musical instrument used within Scottish pipe bands. It is a double-headed membranophone that is held vertically with one head up, one head down, and played with soft mallets on the top head only.

How many pipers are there in the world? ›

The following is a list of all 2400 species in the flowering plant genus Piper which are recognised by Plants of the World Online as of 18 May 2022.

How are pipe straps measured? ›

Clamp size is usually measured using its diameter. The distance between one end of the mouth to the other will determine the type of tube that can fit in there. Before buying a pipe clamp, consider the outside diameter of the tube or whatever object that needs clamping.

What is a Grade 5 pipe band? ›

Grade 5 (Beginner)

A welcoming band program that transitions novice musicians to playing full instruments, both pipes and drum, and introduces players to the competition arena.

How do marching bands get judged? ›

Success at the area and state marching contests is decided based on rankings of the competing bands compared with one another. To determine this, five judges (three for music performance and two for marching execution) record comments on the performance and assign a number score to record their impression of each band.

How much can pipe strap hold? ›

Always use copper strap on copper tubing to eliminate the possibility of electrolysis. This strapping is 28 gauge thick, and according to Oatey has a safe load limit of 46 pounds.

How many pipe straps do I need? ›

Most plumbing codes and building codes require support for horizontal pipe lines every 3 feet for pipe in 1/2”-1” diameters, and every 4 feet for pipe with diameters greater than 1”.

What does 20mm strap mean? ›

If someone says “a 20mm strap,” they mean a strap that's 20mm wide. The strap length is the measurement of the whole strap from top to tail. For one-piece straps, the total length is measured, resulting in one measurement (e.g., 200mm).

How many Grade 1 pipe bands are there? ›

Grade 1 will consist of at least 16 bands – an increase of one from last year.

What is the leader of a pipe band called? ›

The pipe major is the leading musician of a pipe band, whether military or civilian. Like the appointment of drum major, the position is derived from British Army traditions. During the early twentieth century, the term sergeant piper was used instead.

What do pipe grades mean? ›

A252 pipe can be broken down into three grades: Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3, each of which has a different yield and tensile strength (see below). Yield and tensile strength measurements indicate how strong the steel is and how much pressure the steel can withstand. This is particularly important for pile driving.

Why do pipe bands play in a circle? ›

Historically, the circle formation was based on the principle of the arena providing bands with space to enter and leave, whilst also allowing the spectators maximum opportunity to see and hear the performances, in effect from three sides of a roughly square arena.

What is the most important position in marching band? ›

The position of Section Leader is a very influential position in the marching band. It is the Section Leader who exercises and enforces the procedures and policies established by the staff and drum major.

What is the hardest part of marching band? ›

Moving a 6ft pole well marching is hard. Add wind, tosses, and the whole band… Well its really hard. You have to try not to hit people (or yourself), toss and catch a flag, try not to get eaten by it, trip over it, and and spin the flag forever.

What is a good marching band score? ›

Bands march shows of no less than 5 minutes and no more than 8 minutes to be given a rating by each of three independent judges: 1=superior; 2=excellent; 3=good; 4=fair; 5=poor. The judges cannot confer about their ratings and the FINAL rating is a consensus of the three NOT an average.

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