Ferris Wheel for Sale (2024)

People are familiar with a Ferris wheel. Because not only is it a thrill ride at an amusem*nt park, theme park, carnival or fair, it is also a city landmark. Here are the details about TR Ferris wheel for sale. Do not miss an opportunity to promote your park’s popularity.

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    Main Structures and Working Principle of TR Ferris Wheel Ride for Sale

    Our Giant Wheel consists primarily of a bearing frame, a spoke structure, a rotating upright wheel and multiple passenger-carrying components. While our observation wheel is in operation, the gondolas attached to the rim rotate around the central axis, but they keep upright by gravity. So how can we ensure the giant ride run at slow speed?

    In fact, it relies on high-quality motors and decelerators. The motor is decelerated through a decelerator. And the mechanical power of high speed and low torque is transferred to high torque and low speed. Then, by friction, the power is transmitted to the wheel. So our round wheel ride can run at slow speed.

    Why Can Our Fun Fair Wheel Attract Your Visitors?

    As you know, the main function of a Fair wheel ride is to enjoy the beautiful scenery. So does our equipment. Your visitors sit in gondolas that gradually rise as the big wheel rotates. As they look out through the windows, their vision gradually widens, so they can enjoy the beauty of the city, the landscape, the mountains and rivers, and the beautiful and rich fields.

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    In addition, to attract more visitors, we mount many colorful LED lights on the wheel ride. As night falls, our equipment is even more dazzling, adding to the majesty of this artistic colossus. Such a ride is a feast for the eyes and a delight for the mind. What’s more, our gondolas have diverse designs and colors. If you want to change the color, of course it is available at our company. Feel free to contact us and let us know your needs.

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    How Large a Ferris Wheel Attraction Do You Want?

    Generally speaking, when a Ferris wheel is mentioned, we immediately think of a giant wheel that is common in parks or fairs. And so it is. However, with times changing, there is a growing demand for smaller Ferris wheels. Therefore, if you are about to buy a Ferris wheel, you should choose reliable and professional Ferris wheel manufacturers who can provide you with different types of Ferris wheels. And in fact, we are such a manufacturer producing both giant wheels for sale and small wheel rides.

    • Giant wheel
    • Small wheel ride

    Giant wheel for sale for outdoor use

    Our giant Ferris wheel equipment is huge and magnificent, beautiful and comfortable, artistic and high-tech. It is a kind of amusem*nt park ride. And if you are about to build an amusem*nt park, how could you not invest in the wheel machine together with roller coasters and carousels? They are necessary for a popular amusem*nt park or a theme park! In addition, our big giant wheel also exists alone on other occasions. So if you hold activities someplace, it can be used as a viewing platform

    In short, as the optimal choice to overlook the panorama, our giant observation wheel can be the tallest landmark in your amusem*nt park or theme park, or even your city landmark, like the London Eye and the Ain Dubai. Also, our sky Ferris wheel is a good attraction for a hotel, beach, seaside, outdoor playground, scenic spot, park, carnival, or city center.

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    Small Ferris wheel for any location

    To meet the market demand, we deign a small-scale Ferris wheel. You can also call it a mini Ferris wheel for sale or kiddie Ferris wheel. It is greatly different from a large amusem*nt park Ferris wheel. In terms of size, this Ferris wheel ride, which you could also call a portable Ferris wheel, is much smaller. So it is convenient to be moved from one place to another. If you hold transient carnivals, which are usually held in different locations, our small Ferris wheel will be your optimal choice. Both children and adults can ride it.

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    All People

    Who Are the Target Users if You Invest in a TR Carnival Wheel ride?

    Honestly speaking, we design an observation wheel for people of all ages. For a big Ferris wheel, lovers canexpress their love for each other when the ride reaches the top. Parents can take their children on the Ferris wheel and let them enjoy the fantastic views. And friends riding the Ferris wheel together is a symbol of eternal friendship.And for those who fear heights, the tall wheel is exciting but challenging for them. As for a small Ferris wheel machine, kids especially love it and adults can also ride it.

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    What Types of Ferris Wheels Are Popular with the Little Ones in a Family?

    What kiddie Ferris wheel amusem*nt ride type do you want? By are large, we design two types of thekiddie Ferris wheel for sale.One is the single-side Ferris wheel for sale, and another is the double Ferris wheel for sale. By the way, if needed, we can design a unique type for you.

    Single-side wheel ride & double-side Ferris wheel

    Our double-side wheel ride carry more children than a single-side wheel ride. But the stand column and cabins of both the two types of wheel rides are in a variety of designs and colors. Kids sit in gondolas and they gradually rise up at a slow speed as the wheel rotates. They will undoubtedly fall in love with our children’s Ferris wheel for sale, because they can get a great view of the surrounding scenery in a safe environment. Hence, this ride is popular with families.

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    Custom Christmas Ferris wheel for sale

    As a specialist Ferris wheel manufacturer, we provide you with customized service. Last year, we did a deal with a customer who wanted a kiddie wheel ride for Christmas. So we designed a beautiful outdoor Christmas Ferris wheel for sale for him. The whole body of the equipment is white with flashing LED lights to match the Christmas theme. And our client and his visitors were really satisfied with our product.

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    In short, you can put a kiddie Ferris wheel for sale anywhere at any time. Backyards, malls, streets, hotels, parties, restaurants, family entertainment centers, kindergartens, playgrounds, parks, and any indoor or outdoor place are suitable venues for this small equipment. Furthermore, TR will provide you with different types of Ferris wheels in diverse heights, such as enclosed Ferris wheel, open Ferris wheel, antique Ferris wheel for sale, old fashioned Ferris wheel, modern Ferris wheel, etc. Feel free to contact us at any time!


    Buy a Best Ferris Wheel for Sale based on Its Height

    Before deciding which type of Ferris wheel to buy, you can take the height of our equipment into consideration, and then make a decision based on your installation venue and the actual situation. So how tall is a Ferris wheel? The answer depends on the wheel type. As you know, a kids Ferris wheel is much smaller than a giant one.

    Regarding the wheel rides for children, a double-side Ferris wheel is generally 8-9 meters in height, which is higher than a single-side kids Ferris wheel, which is 5-7 meters high. In addition, there are usually 5 or 6 cabins on one side, each of which can carry two kids. As for our large colorful Ferris wheel, how tall it is depends on its passenger capacity. The larger the capacity, the taller the Ferris wheel ride. Totally speaking, TR large Ferris wheel is available at heights ranging from 20 to 88 meters, and with capacities ranging from 48 to 288 passengers. Furthermore, if you want a larger giant Ferris wheel, please contact and let us know your needs. We will confirm with our technician.

    To sum up, a variety of giant Ferris wheels for outdoor use and small wheel attractions for any location are available at our company. We can advise you on which type of the wheel entertainment equipment to buy based on its height and your installation venue. What’s more, you can also find other thrill rides, such as a miami wave equipment, a tagada disco machine, and more. So if you are interested in our products, contact us at any time.

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      Ferris Wheel for Sale (2024)
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